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Trade In Your Old Painting – Get a Larger One!

I often run into collectors of both my work and others who wish they could “refresh” their collection. They may have some smaller work by an artist that they still love, but they’d like something a little bigger. Lately, I’ve been painting larger work, something I haven’t done much of before. So, if you have some of my work and would like to trade it in for one of my larger pieces, read on!
  • I will take back your current painting (including frame) and apply what it would cost today to a larger painting (it must be for a larger painting)
  • You pay me the difference in price between the current painting and the new one
  • You ship your current painting to me at your cost
  • I ship the new painting to you at my cost
For example, let’s say you have a 9×12 that in today’s market would go for $700. The one you want is a 24×36 at $4200. You would pay me only $4200 – $700 or $3500 and ship me your 9×12 for replacement.

Interested? Then check out my larger pieces on my paintings page and let me know what you’d like.

Here are a few examples:

“Et in Arcadia Ego” 12×24 oil/panel #9981

“Highlands Cottage” 12×16 studio oil #2016071
Appearing in The Artist’s Magazine, July/Sept 2017

Secret Mountain Wilderness 12×36 oil

Slide Rock Fault 16×20 oil

“Sunrise at Campobello ” 12×24 studio oil #9940

Autumn’s Turn (Red Rock Crossing, Crescent Moon) 24×36 oil
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