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May 24, 2014 / pleinairman

Kickstarter Update: 50 for the 50th – Celebrating the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park’s Anniversary

Snug Cove, 6×6, oil

Now that I’m back on Campobello Island, I am putting the pedal to the metal.  I have at least fifty small paintings to do over the next several weeks.  These are for my Kickstarter project, “50 for the 50th,” which celebrates the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park’s 50th anniversary.  (Click on the link to visit my Kickstarter page where you can read about the project and get updates.)  I enjoy highly-focussed projects, and this one will have an especially tight focus.  Each painting will be only 6″x6″, or 36 square inches.

Some of the paintings will be done en plein air; others, in the studio.  Yesterday I began setting up my studio space for the project.  Because these panels are so small, I had to create a custom adapter for my studio easel, which you can see below.  I built it with just foam board and rubber cement.  The top and bottom pieces that hold the panel in place are beveled, creating an edge to grip the panel.  I can easily slide the panel in and out from the left or right.

As for materials, I’ll be using Gamblin’s FastMatte oil paints for the project.  Because they dry quickly, I’ll be able to scan each piece and then post it on my web page for the project only a day or two after painting it. Also, the paints get “tacky” during an hour or so, so this will lead to some beautiful, pastel-like, broken-color effects.  Depending on how they look when done, I may or may not apply a glossy varnish.  I rather like the matte look of the unvarnished pieces, but we’ll see.  (Another option is to apply a matte varnish.)

Studio setup.  I’m using my Kindle Fire HD for displaying photo references.

I painted a trial piece yesterday, which you can see at the top of this post.  It’s a scene from near Friar’s Head, looking out toward Snug Cove.  

Just as a reminder, although my Kickstarter is fully funded, not all the paintings are sold.  I will give my sponsors first pick of the paintings, but there will be plenty of paintings left for you to choose from, if you’re interested.  You can see paintings as I post them here.  Stay tuned!

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