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October 9, 2013 / pleinairman

Special Topic Plein Air Painting Workshops in Sedona

Each season for my Paint Sedona plein air painting workshops, I include a few “special topic” weeks.  These weeks are for the advanced painter who’s comfortable with their gear and with working outdoors; some have other requirements, such as the ability to hike a short distance with gear.  I look forward to these weeks, as they are fun for everyone and we get to see something a little different.  If you’re up for an adventure, I encourage you to join us for one of these weeks!
Here are this season’s special topics.  (For full details, visit
Yavapai Vista
Hiking to Paint
Hiking to Paint (December 17-20, 2013): You’ll need to be prepared to hike, in some cases, up to a half-mile to our painting spot. Good footwear with ankle support is essential. I also recommend at least a one-liter water bottle. Small size panels (9×12 or smaller) will be best, and make sure you gear is portable (backpack) and, above all, tested and reliable!
“GMC Diesel” 12×16 oil
Exploring the Historic Verde Valley
Exploring the Historic Verde Valley (January 7-10, 2014): Although we may go to Sedona one day, we will focus more on the Verde Valley south of town. We will focus on Jerome, Cottonwood and Clarkdale have some beautiful old buildings or old vehicles to paint. No special requirements for this other than the expectation that we won’t necessarily be in Sedona!

Large Format Painting
Large Format (February 4-7, 2014): We’ll be painting 16×20 or larger and returning to the same spot repeatedly to work on a piece over two or three sessions. If painting in oil, you’ll need a wet panel carrier or some method to accommodate larger canvases, as well as a way to get them home. (Consider shipping them home.) A large format easel is recommended, such as the Take-It-Easel ( or full-size French easel. Plan on maybe four large paintings over the four days. You might also bring some small panels or paper (5×7) for quick color sketches for studies. Although in some workshops you can count on getting a ride with other students, that may not work out with the large format painting unless you make your own arrangements before arrival. Otherwise, you will need your own car to travel to and from the painting location.

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