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October 1, 2013 / pleinairman

Looking for Suggestions for Guest Artist Instructors

Doug Dawson

Over the past several years, I have invited a master artist every other summer to teach a week during my Paint Campobello plein air workshop season. I am currently seeking a master artist for a week in August, 2014 and others for future years.  (I may also extend this to my Paint Sedona workshop season.) To help with this search, I invite you to take a short survey.  It’ll just take a few minutes.  You can go to the survey by clicking this link.

In the past, both Doug Dawson and Albert Handell have come to teach plein air painting workshops.  These are two great instructors who are truly masters.  Doug has taught three times for me in the format of a mentoring or “paint-along” workshop.  He’ll be returning to Lubec in August 2015 for another one.  (Visit for details.)  Albert taught a more traditional plein air workshop this past August.  He’ll be coming to Sedona as a guest of my Paint Sedona workshop series in November 2014 and will be teaching a mentoring or “paint-along” workshop.  (Visit for details.)

Albert Handell

If you’d like to see how these programs have worked in the past. you can see past blog posts on Doug’s workshops here and on Albert’s workshop here.

If you’d like to see how my own Paint Sedona and Paint Campobello programs work, please click on the links.

Thank you!

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